About Us

Burnaby Meals on Wheels promotes health and independence by providing nutritious, local and affordable food to people who - for physical, mental health, social or economic reasons - are unable to meet their dietary needs.

The History of Burnaby Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels originated in Great Britain during World War II. The Women's Volunteer Service for Civil Defence, who delivered canteens and meals to British servicemen, expanded their service to provided food for people who had lost their homes in the London Blitz. After the war the service was continued for those who could not prepare meals for themselves, and adopted internationally.

Burnaby Meals on Wheels started in February of 1968 when the United Way of the Lower Mainland called for a meeting of community organizations, church groups, and anyone who was interested, to discuss the need for a hot meal service for those residents of Burnaby who were unable to meet their own nutritional needs. A standing committee of the United Way was formed known as the Burnaby Meals on Wheels Committee. This committee began a hot lunchtime meal service commencing on May 6, 1968 for South-East Burnaby.

In April 26th, 1993, The Burnaby Meals on Wheels Committee evolved into a separate non-profit society. While continuing to deliver hot western meals, the Home Delivery Meal Program has expanded to include Chinese, vegetarian, diabetic and frozen meals, bag lunches, and frozen breakfasts.

Currently, Burnaby Meals on Wheels provides over 135 clients with more than 9000 meals annually. In partnership with Progressive Housing, Burnaby Meals on Wheels provides bananas and milk through the Homeless Nutritional Outreach program. Burnaby Food First is an organization that partners with Burnaby Meals on Wheels to "achieve food security through community action and support."  For information about the society please see our 2015 Annual Report (PDF) and Financial Statements (PDF).

In 2012, with funding from United Way of the Lower Mainland, Burnaby Meals on Wheels developed a Food In Burnaby map. This map, updated annually, identifies where you can find various markets and grocery stores, community food programs, meal programs, community gardens and farmers markets.